The Story behind our new ceramics and textiles...

The Story behind our new ceramics and textiles...

The story behind our new ceramics and textiles….

At Finn Interiors everything you see on our website has either been hand painted or thrifted. As you are all more than aware by now at Finn Interiors we believe in sustainability and that objects from another era are rich in quality and durability. There are many positives to this being:-

  • We are preventing many items from going to landfill and giving them a new lease of life.
  • Our products are bespoke as they are each individually hand painted or sourced.
  • With time we can source and design a piece of furniture to meet your exact interior scheme and home décor.

With all of the above being said we have also listened to some of our customers disappointment when our products sell out and they had their hearts set, but being bespoke of course there was only one!

We have therefore been searching for a while to stock products where we can offer more than just one bespoke item of which still reflect our ethics and branding.

At the Birmingham Spring fair we stumbled across this small local run family company who now supply us with our beautiful ceramics and textiles.  

The ceramics are handmade in small batch pieces from an Artisan pottery in southern India. This pottery is designed in the UK and created under a Fair Trade Scheme to help sustain and grow the community of artisan makers.  At Finn Interiors we also love to support other small artisans-please follow us on our Facebook page to see the work of some other artisans.

All glazes are hand dipped so the finish will vary from piece to piece. This glaze is a reactive glaze, depending on where the item is placed in the kiln the colour will vary from a light speckled finish to a mottled brown, making each piece individually bespoke in line with Finn Interiors products.

The textiles are also made in their own factory in India by third generation cotton producers. All are ethically produced using traditional dyeing methods and innovative weaving  and washing methods to give different textures.

All employees are paid fair wages and work in ideal working conditions with no child employment. They truly believe that every person born in this world must have the right to lead a healthy life with a promising future . Supporting the lives of orphans and local communities is at the very heart of the company’s core values and giving philosophy. They work with organizations that enhance livelihood, income generation and micro-enterprise development.

Beautiful on trend home interiors do not have to come at the price of the environment or your ethics. We, at Finn Interiors and these other small companies we have chosen to work with are not perfect but we are always striving to improve on our practices with sustainability at the heart of our business.



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